The Ambassador Program FAQs February, 23rd 2017

Am I still a Tilt Ambassador?

That’s a great question— unfortunately, we are shutting down the program completely, including social groups and perks. However, we strongly encourage you to add each other on Facebook this week to stay in touch with your teams, and Ambassadors across the country.


Can I still use Tilt?

Absolutely! Tilt will remain active, so you’re free to continue tilting as easily and usefully as ever with your friends. And we hope you will! The app we all know and love isn’t going anywhere.


What happens to my promo code?

Promo codes expire 1 year after they were created, so you’ll be able to use your Ambassador code as long as it remains valid.


I’ve brought on student organizations as partners. What about them?

We will be sending out an update to all student organizations, but their codes will remain active until their 1 year expiry. However, please do note that the end of our ambassador program also means that we will no longer be able to offer any perks or benefits to prospective or current partners. We will liaise with them directly about this.


Why is the program ending?

Tilt and Airbnb are joining forces and we have to make some big, and important changes to Tilt— unfortunately, this includes ending the Ambassador program.


What happens to my rewards?

Any outstanding rewards or points earned from December will be or have already been sent to you in the form of an Amazon gift card worth 50% of the prize originally requested. We’re issuing these as Amazon vouchers as it’s the fastest way of sending prize-equivalent value. And we’re issuing them at 50% of the value of your requested prizes in order to be able to fairly pay out all of our ambassadors worldwide. Thank you very much for your understanding about this.

To the best of our knowledge, all outstanding rewards from before December and/or flash challenges have been paid out (we've spent some time chasing these up). Our team will no longer be able to work on rewards past today, so we will sadly not able to investigate any previous month’s reward matters.

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