Can I use PayPal or bitcoin?

Currently, we don’t accept contributions via PayPal. The funds are paid out in 1-2 business days through direct deposit. And while we love bitcoin, we haven’t integrated it yet. But just so you know, our site is PCI-compliant meaning we have bank-level security.
However, we do have a Bitcoin tip to share with you! You can actually easy "integrate" it manually into your tilt. Simply add a link to your BTC address (e.g. Coinbase account) in the tilt description and/or in a public update. Or even use a Bitcoin QR code as the tilt pic or in a photo comment. As funds roll into that account, you can do the conversion yourself and add an organizer contribution to reflect that in the tilt progress bar. Many successful tilts have done this. Here are a couple of examples:
Tip: Take into account the fluctuating BTC conversion rates and be sure to convert funds right away if you’re hoping to keep the present USD value! 
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