How do organizer contributions work?

Because the money you contribute to your own tilt would go right back to your bank account (from the tilt payout), we don’t actually charge your credit card for organizer contributions (unless it is a verified nonprofit Tilt—more on that below!). This also keeps you from paying unnecessary credit card processing fees.
Instead, your organizer contributions show up as regular contributions on the tilt page and then are subtracted from the amount of money you receive at the end of a successful tilt.
To make an organizer contribution, simply log into your tilt account, visit your page, and click the ‘Contribute’ or ‘Pay’ button and follow the steps.

If you are running a nonprofit tilt (available in the US only), you will be asked for your credit card details and you will be charged, since the money will be disbursed to the nonprofit, not you.

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