How do I message or post an update to all of my contributors?

Want to make sure everyone knows what's happening with your tilt? Organizers can post updates and answer questions about their tilt in two easy ways.

Post a comment:
Comments are great for thanking contributors, spreading news, sharing updates and encouraging people to share the tilt. Basically, they're a great way to build tilting momentum! You can post text and photos directly from your page. Not only are all your page visitors able to see your comments—they are also sent via email to all of your contributors.

Contact your contributors:
You are able send a message to your contributors quickly and easily right from the tilt page, too! You can blast everyone instantly about a last-minute change—or just reach out to specific contributors as needed. (Personalized thank yous are always encouraged and appreciated!) To send a message, click on the option to "Thank or contact contributors" and make your selection. Then select all (or which) contributors you want to contact. Write, send and repeat as necessary!

See a few great examples of comments here:

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