What happens if I don't reach my tilt amount?

If you didn't reach your tilt amount (AKA minimum fundraising goal), don’t worry! The good news is that there’s no need to issue any refunds because none of your debit or credit card contributors were charged. If a contributor paid using iDEAL, then they will automatically be refunded the full amount.

As a bit of background, when you make a credit card contribution pre-tilt, we place a hold on your card to ensure the necessary funds are available if and when the tilt amount is reached. If you used a debit card, this hold likely appears as a charge. These holds typically last for 7-21 days (as determined by the card issuer). If the tilt isn't reached within the allotted timeframe, the hold falls off and those funds are returned to the card.

The even better news is that we have tons of tips for success you can use for your next tilt here! If you still want to collect the funds raised, you can lower your tilt amount as needed! But just remember that your contributors joined in with the original tilt amount in place, so we'd suggest posting an update to let them know why you've lowered it.

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