How do I add a photo or video to my Tilt?

So you want to add an image and/or video? Ohh, you fancy huh—you're on the right track since they are proven to significantly improve your tilt!

If your image is being cropped, you may want to upload a photo with our ideal image size. For the best “visual effects,” use an image with a 16: 9 ratio. For example:

648 x 364,

800 x 450,

1600 x 900,


FYI, adding a photo can increase your tilting odds by 500%!

Videos can help you convey a more personal story if they're short, concise, and under 4 minutes. If you want to add a video, just paste your YouTube or Vimeo link in the appropriate field when setting up your tilt. You should also know that tilt is an officially supported fundraising site in YouTube annotations. This means that you can link straight to any tilt in a YouTube video's notes and interactive popups—which is a great way to get any video watcher to visit your page! Just make sure to use the full URL rather than the short URL to make sure your Tilt link is displayed in all its splendor. 

To learn about YouTube annotations and how to add your own, check out this page

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