When is my card charged?

Your card is charged as soon as the Tilt campaign you’re contributing to hits its ‘tilt amount.’

If a campaign you’re contributing to has already ‘tilted,’ you’ll get charged immediately.

HEADS UP: You’ll see a charge on your card statement Even though we only charge your card when a Tilt hits its ‘tilt amount,’ you’re going to see the charge on your card statement.

When this happens, you automatically get an email to give you a heads up.

Even if you contribute to a Tilt before it ‘tilts,’ you’re going to see it on your card statement. This part might be confusing, but bear with us here —

To make sure that you actually have the money you’re getting charged, a preauthorization is issued to your card as soon as you contribute. If the Tilt doesn’t tilt, this will disappear and you will not be charged.  

If you used a credit card, a preauthorization will show up in the "pending charges" section of your credit card activity. If you're used a debit card, your preauthorization might look like a proper charge. It disappears from your statement within 7-21 days of being issued (how fast that happens depends on your bank).

Simply put — if a Tilt you’re contributing to doesn’t reach its ‘tilt amount,’ your money is still yours!

If you don't recognize a charge, please email us immediately at support@tilt.com

[1]: Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm PT

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