What's the difference between Organize and Sell Something?

It’s easy to get your tilt on! In fact, you can set up any tilt in just a matter of minutes.
First, figure out what kind of tilt you want to start. There are three different types to choose from:

  1. Organize: pool money for an experience, purchase, gift, charity, and more. Plus it's FREE!
  2. Sell Something: sell stuff (like ticketsapparel and even commemorative koozies) using our tilting feature.

After you’ve determined your preferred type, give it a title, brief description, tilt amount (the minimum amount you want to raise) and add a photo or video. (Hint: Tilts with a photo or video are five times more likely to tilt!)
Heads up! We ask all organizers to connect their Tilt profile to their Facebook account, so that contributors know that they're giving their money to a real person. We know Facebook isn't everyone's social media “cup of tea", but it helps keep things here at Tilt legit. We want to make sure there are no fake pages here and that every user is a real person. Don't worry—we'll never author unwanted posts on your behalf, spam your Facebook or share your information.

Whenever you're ready, click here to get started.

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