What is Tilt?

Tilt is the world's largest funding platform that takes ALL the hassle out of collecting or raising money…seriously.
Tilt makes pooling money—for literally anything—super simple and super satisfying. That’s because it simplifies the entire process for you.
With Tilt, no one gets stuck with the bill or the task of tracking down cash. Instead they get the glory of making amazing things—like memorable group experiences, jaw-dropping group gifts and inspiring community causes—happen, hassle-free. 
Even better, anyone can use it! All you need is a valid bank account in a supported country to collect money and/or a valid credit card to contribute money. Rest assured that your transactions are handled under the most secure standards required by the credit card networks: PCI Compliance Level 1. 

Ready to put the “fun” in fund? Learn more about Tilt's special features and what makes us different from other crowd-funding sites here.
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