How do I edit or extend my Tilt?

Whether you’re fixing a minor typo or updating a major detail, making edits to your tilt is quick and painless, thanks to our management tools and special features. Here’s a breakdown of what you can change and how to do it like a boss.

Change tilt details:
To make changes, simply go to your tilt page and click on the ‘Edit’ button located below your profile photo. Here, you can change your picture, make corrections and edit the content and formatting of your tilt description.
Change the expiration date:
You can extend your tilt up to 60 days past its creation date. If you need more time, simply reach out to us through the link below with your tilt link and preferred expiration date. We're all about supporting your success!
Change the tilt amount:
You are totally welcome to change your tilt amount, but keep in mind that your contributors initially chipped in under the assumption that their credit card wouldn't be charged until a particular goal was reached. Sure, the tilt amount you initially set might have been too ambitious—but consider making changes carefully. We recommend that you contact all your contributors to let them know about the change before you make it. 
Cash out early:
If you’ve reached your tilt amount and want to get the show on the road (so to speak), you can cash out early by selecting 'End and collect funds.' Remember, you can continue to rack up contributions even after reach your tilt amount until the expiration date. But if you want to end the tilt before then, this is your easy option!
Cancel a tilt:
To end your tilt, log into your account and click on the title of the page you'd like to cancel. Click the ‘End Now’ button under the management tools in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. You'll be shown options for canceling the tilt. If you've already reached the tilt amount and still need to cancel, please refund all your contributors first under 'Latest Contributions'.

That covers the basics! You can get more insider editing tips here.

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