How much does Tilt cost?

Tilt is usually free. When it’s not free, it’s close to it. This is how our pricing works:

If you’re starting a Tilt, it depends on what you’re organizing.

    1. Collecting money from a group (i.e. starting a “Collect” Tilt campaign) — it’s free.

      So if you’re collecting $500 to get your best friend a gift for her birthday and her mom tosses in $50, you keep it all!

    2. Selling a product (t-shirts, tickets, etc. via a “Sell Something” Tilt campaign) — we charge:
      • 10% of total money raised for every new organizer

 If you’re contributing to a Tilt, it depends on how you pay.

    1. Debit cards[1] — it’s free.

      If you’re chipping into a Tilt and contributing $50 — no matter what kind of Tilt it is (“Collect” or “Sell Something”) — you’re only paying $50.

    2. Credit cards — we add 3% to contributions to account for processing fees.

      If you’re chipping in that same $50 to a Tilt with a CC, you’ll pay $51.50.

Now, for the edge case that can cause some major confusion:

What if I’m organizing a ‘Sell Something’ Tilt and a contributor pays with a credit card?

The contributor pays an extra 3% for processing, and we charge 2.5% (if tilt was created before August 2016, otherwise 3% + $0.95 per contribution or 1.5% + $0.10 per contribution in France) of what they contributed (excluding the fee). So if you’re selling a $50 tickets to your event, you will get $48.75 (if the tilt was created before August 2016, otherwise $47.55 or $49.15 in France) no matter what. If the contributor used a CC, they paid $51.50.

So if you’re an organizer, all you need to think about is if you’re organizing a ‘Collect’ or ‘Sell Something’ Tilt.

And if you’re a contributor, all you need to think about is if you’re using a debit card or a credit card.


[1]: Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, iDEAL and Carte Bancaire

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