What does it mean to follow someone and how does it help?

When a fellow Tilter is interested in your activity—the public tilts you create and contribute to—they can follow you. Take this as a compliment; it means they like your ideas and might even give you money!
When someone starts to follow you, you’ll get an email notification. If you’re so inclined, follow them back! Going forward, any time you start a new public tilt, your followers will get an email notification (or a push notification if they are using our app), too. Don't worry—they can't and won’t see any of your private activity.
Same deal goes for people you follow: Whenever they start a new public tilt, you’ll get an email notification or a push notification on the Tilt app. So it’s a great way to keep up with your friends’ (and the other people you are interested in’s) activity.
All of this instant outreach is amazing for helping everyone reach their funding goals faster. The more followers you have—and the more people you follow—the more efficient and proficient your tilting action is. 

If you're overwhelmed with the number of people following you (you must be really popular!), you can turn off the email notifications in your account settings here

Remember, birds of a feather tilt together—so go get your follow on!
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