What is the difference between Tilt and Tilt/Pro?

Both Tilt and Tilt/Pro are built upon our secure API and powered by the same loving team. Here's how to figure out which is best for you:


Tilt makes pooling money with friends or raising funds in support of your favorite cause into a real breeze! Our 'sell something' feature is also the most effective way to crowdfund a new line of items with zero risk. You can create your page in under two minutes, start collecting funds in seconds, and our built-in sharing tools help you to spread the word about your objective quickly and easily. It’s easy to keep in touch with contributors, and manage it on-the-go with our free mobile app. Overall, Tilt is a little more social, community-oriented, and immediate! (Need some tiltspiration? Check out our Examples page.)


Looking for a more customizable option? Tilt/Pro is an end-to-end solution that makes it easy to launch your own professional and white-labeled crowdfunding, presale, or donation page. Tilt/Open will host your page, handle payment processing, and leave you to focus on your goal: raising funds. You'll control the look and feel, plug in third-party services you love, and manage your backers—all without writing a line of code (unless, of course, you want to). This is the default design, which can be updated easily through our power-editor. (Check out these Tilt/Pro Tilts for inspiration.)


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