What if I can't set up my direct deposit?

If you're a Canadian user having trouble setting up your direct deposit, please check out this article!
If you're receiving an error message when setting up your direct deposit, please review a couple of common mistakes we see people make below:
  1. Inputting the debit card number instead of the checking account number
  2. Inputting a savings account or money market account instead of a checking account
  3. Inputting the wire routing number instead of the ACH/electronic routing number
  4. Inputting a membership number or shortened account number instead of the full checking account number
  5. Entering a new mailing address while the checking account is still associated with a previous mailing address
  6. Typing numbers incorrectly
Do any of these sound like they might have been the case for you? No need to worry! Simply go ahead and update your information here. The moment you do, we'll re-try the transfer immediately and automatically. If the numbers are valid, you'll see the funds in the relevant checking account in 1-2 business days.
If the system is prompting you for your social security number, and it still won't verify your account information after you've entered it, reach out to us—we'll get it fixed right away!

Please note that upon submitting your bank details, we add them to your account and then immediately hide them from being seen on your profile for security purposes. As long as the numbers you enter are correct, they will be saved and there should be no issues with money transferring to your bank account!

 If you need to reach us for any reason, use this form.
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