What are some tips for a successful Tilt?

Get things going with these tilting tips, all used and approved by our best and super-savviest Tilters.
Seed it:
Nobody wants to back an empty page! So aim to get 10-20 contributions within the first 24 hours of your tilt. When people see that 15 others have contributed already, they are 74% more likely to contribute. You can score more tips for seeding your tilt early here.
Reach out:
Sending personal emails to your friends and relatives about your tilt is one the most powerful ways to spread the word early on! In fact, people who get a personalized message are over 80% more likely to donate, and they donate a higher amount on average. After you've seeded your tilt, post the tilt link to Facebook and Twitter and blast it out your contacts list. You can email everyone directly through the Tilt page, too!
Craft a compelling description:
Make your first line a strong one! That intro sentence shows up in all Google searches and Facebook previews, so use it to grab people’s attention. The first line of the tilt's description is strongest when it clearly describes how the funds will be used. Check out our tips on writing a great tilt description.
Make a timed splash on Facebook:
When your tilt has already been seeded, ask all your supporters to share the page on Facebook at the exact same time. This will make your post stick at the top of your friends’ news feeds!

Manage the tilt:
Check in with your tilt every couple days to keep the momentum going strong. If things seem to be slowing down, think about adding an update, personally messaging key supporters or making a big splash with an inspiring announcement. Tip: If you're creating a tilt for an event, consider making an announcement that you'll up the ticket prices in 1 week to create some urgency to buy tickets right away.
Post updates:
Send updates to your contributors as you push toward your tilting goal! True story: We've seen that roughly half of all contributions are generated from updates. What kind of updates, you ask? Post a public update each time you hit a milestone… remind people frequently how far you are from the goal so they know you need their help…inspire everyone by reminding them about all the amazing stuff that will go down if you hit the tilt amount…encourage others to spread the word with a specific call to action like, "send this link: [link to tilt here] to 3-5 friends." Want more? Check out these 5 tips to thank contributors and write the best updates.
You’re now prepped for tilt success…go get ‘em tiger!

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