What's a tilt amount? And how does it work?

The ‘tilt amount’ is the minimum amount of contributions a Tilt campaign needs to be funded.

Until a campaign hits its ‘tilt amount’...

In ‘Collect’ campaigns, the ‘tilt amount’ will be a dollar amount, and in ‘Sell Something’ campaigns, it will be a number of items sold.

Why does it work this way?

Tilt was built (or...bilt) on the idea that any group of people could come together to make an idea come to life. For lots of these ideas, we need a minimum amount of money pooled together. By using a ‘Tilt amount,’ you can collect funds and contribute to ideas without any risk if the idea doesn’t actually reach its goal.

What if I want access to all funds no matter how much I raise?

You can set your ‘tilt amount’ to $1. That say, no matter how much you raise, you’ll get all of it. Unless you have 99 friends that chip in $0.01 each. Then you probably need new friends.

If I do not reach the tilt amount, what happens to the contributions?

The funds raised up until to that point will be voided and the line item on the contributor’s credit card statement will fall off in 7-21 business days.

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