How do I make a contribution?

Contributing to a tilt is quick, easy and oh-so fulfilling. 

Go to the tilt page by clicking on the web link you received in an email, saw on Facebook or Twitter or received via text message, etc. and click the 'Contribute' or 'Pay' button. You'll be guided through the contribution flow in three easy steps. We accept credit and debit cards or iDEAL (Netherlands only) to make a contribution. If iDEAL is used, the money will be withdrawn from your bank account immediately. If the page does not tilt, your iDEAL contribution will be refunded when the page expires.
Only the tilt organizer will be able to see your contribution amount. But, your name and picture (if applicable) will be added to the list of contributors on the tilt page, so you’ll get acknowledgement for moving the tilting needle. 

Using a Credit Card 
If and when the tilt amount is reached, you’ll get notified immediately and your credit card will officially be charged! We’ll also send you a payment receipt for your records.

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