How do I receive the money from my Tilt?

All the money you collect via Tilt gets sent to you via a Direct Deposit to your Checking Account, which can be inputted here. After your Tilt campaign reaches its ‘tilt amount,’ the funds can start making their way to your account. This will happen either when…

  1. Your Tilt expires, OR
  2. You request an early payout

It’ll take anywhere from 1-3 business days for funds to actually hit your account though, but that depends on where you live and how speedy your bank is.

If it ever takes longer than that time, it’s usually because there’s an issue with Bank Account info. Check this out for on that: How do I make sure that my Bank Account info is working on Tilt?

Also, if you want to understand more about how to get an early payout, check this out: How do I get my money before my Tilt expires?


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