Who can view my tilts?

Organize/Collect and Sell Something tilts

Simply put, making your tilt 'public' is best for promoting it since the page will be searchable in Google (a few days after you set it up) and visible to other users who view your Tilt profile. Your Tilt followers will also be notified if you create a public tilt, which helps to get contributions. Your tilt might also get featured on our Examples page. 

When you contribute to a public Organize/Collect or Sell Something campaign, all transactions are public. You cannot privately contribute to a public Organize/Collect or Sell Something campaign.

If you choose to make your tilt 'private', only people who have the link will be able to view the page and chip in. You can learn more about how to make your tilt private here

If you are contributing to a private Organize/Collect or Sell Something campaign, your transaction will be viewable to those that also contributed to it and those that have the link to the campaign.

Send and Request Money tilts

When you send or request money on Tilt, there are three different sharing settings that you can choose from:

  • Public: When you set your payment or request to Public, your transactions are viewable by all Tilt users and more broadly on the Internet, such as on search engines. 
  • Friends Only: When you select this setting, your transactions will only be viewable to those Tilt users that you are also friends with on Facebook. This is the case even if those Tilt users do not follow you on Tilt.
  • Participants Only/Private: When you send money to a Tilt user or contribute to a Request Money transaction, you may select that the transaction stays private to only the people that were a part of that transaction.

Keep in mind that we’ll always keep the amounts private!

Going forward, we’ll remember the privacy/visibility setting you chose for your last Send and Request Money tilts. So if you want to keep your activity limited to Friends, just set it and forget it! If you ever need to edit the setting post-creation, just go to the payment or request and tap on the setting.

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