What forms of personal identification (ID) verification does Tilt accept?

To satisfy anti-money laundering laws, Tilt may ask you for a photo of your government-issued ID card during Payout Info setup. 

We accept the following forms of ID verification:

United States: Driver's License, State-issued ID cards, Permanent Resident Card, Passport Card, Visa (sorry, we don't accept military ID cards at this time)

Canada: Driver's License, Province-issued ID cards, Permanent Resident Card, Citizenship Certificate

United Kingdom: Driving License, Electoral ID, Permanent Resident Card, IND card, CitizenCard

EU Countries: Any government-issued ID from any E.U. country (Passport, Permanent Resident Card, or Driver's License)

Please note that the name on the ID should match the name entered on the Payout Info form and the file uploaded should be a full-color photo in JPEG format. 

If you need to reach us for any reason, use this form.

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