How to set up a Tilt for an Organization?

If you are interested in setting up a Tilt account for your organization such as your school club or fraternity, there are two main things you need to do.

1) Connecting Facebook with Tilt

When you first create the Tilt, you can sign up with your personal Facebook account (needed for security reasons). Once you have created the Tilt, contact us ( with the link to the Tilt along with the Facebook page of your Organization, and we will help swap out the ‘Facebook Verified' link on the backend.

You can then change your profile name and profile picture to reflect your organization’s name and picture. You can also update your email address in case you want to give others organizer access as well. All these changes can be made under your profile settings.

As a side note, if you log in with your own personal Facebook account, it will "take over" your account with your personal name and profile picture again. To avoid this, when logging into Tilt, don't use your Facebook - instead login with your email address and your Tilt password. If you forgot your Tilt password, you can easily reset it here.

2) Adding an Organization Bank Account

You can add bank account details on this page.

For the first three fields, put in those of your Organization’s routing and checking account details, and for the remaining fields key in your own personal details (name, address, date of birth etc.) If your organization does not have a bank account, feel free to put your personal routing and checking account details in.


If you need to reach us for any reason, use this form.

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