What is my Tilt “influence score”?

Tilt is all about helping groups do more together. As Tilt becomes ubiquitous within communities/campuses, it is increasingly clear who is most responsible for making things happen in those communities. While other networks have insight into likes, shares, comments, followers, retweets, etc… Tilt has unique insight into who is most able to rally money behind events, causes, apparel, etc. And as we always love going above and beyond for our users (power users and casual users alike), this information is valuable for us to know!

So for now, the Tilt Influence Score measures influence across three dimensions:

  • Organizer influence: measure of an organizer’s ability to rally funds and contributors around tilts.
  • Contributor influence: measure of participation / support across tilts.
  • Social influence: measure of social connectedness/impact within a community.

While we’re always evolving the formula, know that it considers key actions that you’d take across those three dimensions above! From creating and contributing to tilts, to inviting/tagging friends and taking social actions, we weight them all into calculating your influence!

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