How do I make sure that my Bank Account info is working on Tilt?

Entering incorrect bank account information on Tilt can cause delays in getting your funds to you. Occasionally, the errors in bank account information pop up immediately, so you can correct them on the spot here.

In other cases, errors in bank account info aren't detected until we try to actually send the funds to you. When this happens, we find out about the error and email you to make any necessary edits. It then takes 1-2 business days for funds to reach your checking account.[1]

Here are a couple of the common mistakes we see people make that you can avoid (and get your money as soon as you'd like it!)

  1. Inputting their debit card number instead of checking account number
  2. Inputting a savings account or money market account instead of checking account
  3. Inputting their wire routing number instead of the ACH/electronic routing number
  4. Inputting a membership number or shortened account number instead of the full checking account number
  5. Typing numbers incorrectly
  6. If you are in the US, there's a chance your account is blocked due to additional information needed here.

[1]: For more on getting your money on Tilt, check out: How do I receive the money from my Tilt?

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