How do I sell tickets for my event?

Tilt helps you to host events for up to 10,000+ people completely stress-free. With Tilt Ticketing, you're able to easily check in attendees' tickets at the door, issue refunds in case plans change, and allow for seamless ticket transfers.
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  1. Create your event here. Add the title and description of the event you're hosting and please include the location and date in the description. Don't forget to upload a photo or GIF—people are more likely to purchase a ticket if there's a compelling picture attached to the event. It also looks better when sharing on social media :)
  2. Set the ticket price. You need to cover the costs of the event, but also set the price at a level that makes sense based on the value you’re providing your guests. Are drinks and food included? How much would you pay if you were an attendee at this event? Additionally, keep in mind that to use our Ticketing feature, we charge a 3% service fee plus $0.95 per contribution.
  3. Set the minimum number of ticket sales required. How many tickets do you need to sell in order to break even? Until this number of ticket sales is hit, buyers won't get charged for their purchase. If you'd like to access all funds no matter how many tickets you've sold, simply set the number to 1. 
  4. If you like, you can also add a maximum number of tickets available. This comes in handy if your venue has a maximum capacity. 
  5. Check the box Enable Ticketing.
Your event is only confirmed once the minimum number of tickets has been sold. While this approach is totally optional (simply enter 1 as a minimum quantity), it can help you minimize risks and ensure you always break even.
Each ticket sale will automatically issue a ticket to the attendee. The tickets are easily accessible from the email inbox, the Tilt mobile app, or from a link to a mobile web view. If the event tilt has not yet tilted (minimum number of ticket sales is not yet reached), the ticket(s) will be greyed out and marked as pending since the event has not yet been confirmed. Each ticket comes with a unique QR code and can only be used once after being scanned by your team. Tickets can also easily be transferred to others.
If you're attending an event, check out this article to read more about where to find your tickets.

How do I check people in?

Using the Tilt iOS app, you can check-in attendees in seconds! Please note that a stable internet connection (Wifi or 4G) is needed. If you won't have internet access at your event or if you're using an Android device, please contact us.
There are three ways of checking people in:
  • Scan the QR code from the attendee's ticket. To use the QR code scanner on your mobile app (iOS only), navigate to your tilt page and hit the Settings gear at the right top of the screen. From here, select Check in Contributors. A list of all your event attendees will be displayed. At the top right, tap Scan. You can scan as many people as you like in a row without changing screens. Pro Tip: When you're in the dark, activate the lamp to ensure successful scanning!
  • Search for the ticket holder's name from the Check in Contributors list in the Settings of the event's page. Simply swipe the ticket holder's name to check them in. Swiped right too quickly? No problem, just swipe right once again to re-activate the ticket.
  • Let your attendees self-redeem. In the tickets section of your event's page, your attendees will be able to mark their ticket as used by tapping and holding the Status for 2 seconds.
You're attending an event? Check out how to redeem your ticket(s) here.

How do I issue refunds?

In case attendees can't make it to your event and weren't able to find a friend to transfer their ticket to, they will request a refund. You can easily refund them via the Tilt app or on web while your tilt is still active
Issue refunds via the Tilt app:
1. Go to your tilt event page.
2. Tap the gear icon at the top right corner of the screen.
3. Select View Contributions.
4. Find the contributor(s) you want to refund and tap on their name. 
5. From within the contributor's profile page, hit the button Refund at the bottom.
Issue refunds on web:
1. Go to your tilt event page.
2. Click Dashboard if your list of contributors is not already visible.
3. Select View details next to Contributions in the middle of the management dashboard.
4. Find the contributor(s) you want to refund and check the box next to their name(s).
5. Choose Refund.
The funds will return to the contributors' cards in 2-10 business days. You'll still be able to see their names in the contributors list for record-keeping purposes, but they'll be crossed out to avoid any confusion. 
Note: If there's a pending early payout in progress, your refund(s) may not go through successfully at first. Just wait 10 minutes and try again.
If something unexpected happens and you need to issue refunds after the tilt has closed, please contact us and we'll help you out! 
How do I activate the Referral Feature?
With Tilt's Referral feature, you can make it super easy for your attendees to invite friends after their purchase. Buyers can tag their friends to your event and share a tracked URL with their social network, helping you to reach a much wider audience of qualified buyers, and ultimately increase your sales. 
You can further boost these referrals by custom incentives, maximizing the number of people referred. Give 10% off for every friend somebody refers? Refer three friends, get your ticket for free? We'll work with you to boost your referral conversion rate.
Get early access to this feature here.

How do I share my event?

A great way to share your event with a big audience is by creating a Facebook event. In the event creation window, you'll be able to add a link to your Tilt event page from where people can purchase tickets. When people then visit your event on Facebook, they'll see the option to Get Tickets, which will take them straight to your Tilt event page!
To add a link for tickets via Tilt to your Facebook event, follow the steps below:
1. Go to your Facebook Page, then choose Event + at the top of your Facebook Page's Timeline.
2. Select Event.
3. Next to Ticket URL, enter the link of your Tilt event! You can find the link in the URL bar of your browser.
4. Add details about your event, then click Publish.
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