How do I add a shipping fee?

If you're planning to ship your products domestically, simply include the price for shipping in the cost of the item and let the buyer know that there is "Free shipping" on the item. 

If you're planning to ship outside of your country, you can charge an extra international shipping fee following the steps below.


How to add an international shipping fee

Step 1: Choose the "Sell Something" tilt option from the start form


Step 2: After filling the your basic information, click on "Show more options" to expose the advanced options. 


Step 3: Click on the "Shipping Information" option. 


Step 4. Check the box next to "Ask customers for their mailing address" to collect the shipping information from your contributors (by default, contributors are not asked for this information). 


Step 5. Check the box next to "international shipping fee" and enter the additional fee you would like contributors to pay when their mailing address is outside of your home country. 



How is this information shown to contributors?

Here is what contributors see on web:


Here is what contributors see on the mobile apps:


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